DTSY8588、DSSY8588 系列三相电子式预付费电能表


产品简介:DTSY8588、DSSY8588 系列三相电子式预付费电能表系我公司采用专用大规模集成电路,16 位 A/D 转换、数字乘法器、应用数字采样处理技术并由的单片机处理系统进行数据的采集、 处理和保存及应用 SMT 工艺制造的仪表 .


适用范围 Application

DTSY8588、DSSY8588 系列三相电子式预付费电能表系我公司采用专用大规模集成电路,16 位 A/D 转换、数字乘法器、应用数字采样处理技术并由单片机处理系统进行数据的采集、 处理和保存及应用 SMT 工艺制造的仪表 . 适用于计量额定频 率为 50Hz 或 60Hz 的三相三线或三相四线交流电网中有功电能的 消耗。产品符合 GB/T17215.321-2008《1 级和 2 级静止式交流有 功电能表》和 GB/T18460.3-2001《1C卡预付费售电系统第3 部 分:预付费电能表》的全部技术要求。

主要特点:应用计算机管理,先购电后用电;在额定电流范围内能限制上限使用功率 ( 由供电部门限定 )。

该表供固定安装在室内使用,适用于环境温度不超过 -20℃ ~ + 55℃ ,相对湿度不超过85% ,且空气不含有腐蚀性气体及避免尘砂、霉菌、昆虫等影响 .

DTSY8588, DSSY8588 series three-phaseelectronic prepaid energy meter made by SMT technology as our new type, adopted the imported large scaled integrated circuit, 16 bits A/D converter, digital multiplier, digital sampling and processing technology, and advanced chipset to perform data acquisition, processing and saving, it is suitable for measuring the active energy of AC50Hz or 50Hz, three-phase three-wire, or three-phase four-wire system. The meter complies with the technical requirements of standard of GB/T17215.321-2008《Class 1.0 and 2.0 static AC activeenergy meters》and GB/T18460.3-2001《1C and prepaid energy selling system part 3: Prepaid energy meters》.

Main features: administarated y computer, first purchase electric energy, then consume the electricity, within rated current it can limit the maxi operating power (controlled by power supply department).

This meter fixed indoor, operating in the ambient conditions as ambient temperature -20~ + 55℃ , relative humindity not exceeding 85%, in the air there shall hace no corrosive gas, and dust, mildew and insects shall be prevented.


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